FEMA Workplace Security Awareness

Course Overview:

This course provides guidance to individuals and organizations on how to improve the security in your workplace. No workplace—be it an office building, construction site, factory floor, or retail store—is immune from security threats.

Employees are often the target of these threats as well as the organization’s first line of defense against them. Threats endanger the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your workplace, as well as your virtual workplace and computer systems. This course presents information on how employees can contribute to your organization’s security.

Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify potential risks to workplace security.
  • Describe measures for improving workplace security.
  • Determine the actions to take in response to a security situation

This is a one to two hour seminar…

CONTACT ME:  You can request a special class date, time or location here, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.  Public FEMA Courses are offered to groups at no charge as a public service, when presented in conjunction with my other firearms training courses.  I teach the courses on an appointment only basis.  Contact me at 1-270-893-5808 for questions or group appointments.


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